Member Enrolment
Privacy Policy and Roles

新生適用: 如未領取學生證,可以登入AIMS,在Student Record > My Status > My Student Status頁面截圖,然後在上載學生證照片的位置上傳該截圖。

For freshmen: If you have not collected your Student ID Card, you may login AIMS, then go to Student Record > My Status > My Student Status and take a screen capture. You may then use this screen capture to replace a photo of your Student ID in the next page. 


畢業生適用: 如已遺失城大學生證,可上載城大校友證、城大校友圖書證、城大信用卡或城大畢業證書取代學生證作資格證明,文件必須能夠顯示全名;另外,如有意使用本會福利店Cut Price會員優惠,請於遞交表格後電郵本會會員事務委員會 [email protected] ,以便向您發出附屬會員證明。您亦可在表格中提供個人電郵地址。
For graduates: If you have lost your CityU Student Identity Card, you may provide your CityU Alumni Card, CityU Alumni Library Card, CityU Credit Card or CityU Graduation Certificate as a proof of eligibility. Please ensure your full name is shown on the document. Furthermore, if you wish to use the Cut Price member discount, we may issue a Certificate of Associate Membership to you. Please send your request to [email protected] You may also provide your personal email in the application form.


會員種類 Roles

  • 香港城市大學學生會設有以下會員類別
    There are different types of memberships:
    • 基本會員 — 於城大九龍塘主校園修讀全日制課程之學生(深造課程及退會者除外)
      Full Member – for full-time CityU associate and bachelor’s degree students attending classes in Kowloon Tong Campus
    • 臨時會員 — 於城大交流之學生
      Temporary Member – for CityU inbound exchange students
    • 附屬會員 — 非基本會員之香港城市大學學生、香港城市大學畢業生及職員
      Associate Member – for CityU students who are not eligible for other membership, CityU graduates and staff members

Please confirm your type of membership before filling in the form.

  • 會員可申請退出本會,惟只有在指定期限內申請退會,而退會前未曾享用本會任何權益者,方可獲發還所繳付之會員費用(須扣除行政費)。
    Members may apply to withdraw your membership. You may withdraw your membership. However, the membership fee will be refunded to you (after deduction of handling charges) only if you apply for Members Disaffiliation within the designated period and you did not use any SU benefits before you apply for withdrawal.


有用連結 Useful links


個人資料收集聲明 Personal Information Collection Statement

  • 您透過此紀錄表提供個人資料,純屬自願。您提供的個人資料會用於提供學生會服務、核實會籍及聯絡相關用途,包括:

    • 核實您在學生會福利店享用會員優惠之資格

    • 進行學生會及其轄下組織之選舉

    • 向您提供其他會員權利

    • 向您發布學生會及其轄下組織的公告及活動宣傳。


您可以要求取得您所提供的個人資料的副本、更正個人資料,或選擇不接收學生會的宣傳信息。上述要求請經電郵向學生會評議會會員事務委員會提出,電郵為[email protected]


  • The information on this form is provided by you voluntarily. Your information will be used by us for providing SU services, confirming your membership and contact-related purposes, including:
    • Confirming your eligibility in enjoying discount in SU Cut Price shop
    • Conducting SU and its affiliated organisations' election
    • Providing other member benefits to you
    • Sending you SU and its affiliated organisation's announcements and its activity promotion messages

Apart from the above purposes, your information will be kept confidential and will only be passed to other authorised officers on a need-to-know basis. You may obtain a copy of or correct the information you provided, or opt-out from SU promotional messages. You may raise your request by contacting the SU Council Members Affairs Committee by email at [email protected].

If you do not provide the information required by the SU, the SU may not be able to proceed with your membership enrollment and may be unable to provide service to you. Thank you for your attention. 


(學生會評議會會員事務委員會 代行)

Members Affairs Committee, City University of Hong Kong Students' Union Council

(for the City University of Hong Kong Students' Union)


查詢 Enquiries

如有任何一般查詢,請於辦公時間內致電 3442 5570 與學生會服務櫃檯聯絡。

For general enquiries, please call 3442 5570 during office hours for assistance.


您亦可經電郵作出查詢 You may also send your enquiries by email:

  • 有關本網上表格的技術支援、會員權益及會籍查詢 Technical support for this online form, member benefits and other membership enquiries: [email protected]
  • 有關網上信用卡付款的技術支援 Technical support for online credit card payment: [email protected]
  • 其他查詢 Other enquiries: [email protected]


如未能成功提交網上表格,請將個人資料連同城大證件相片及繳付會費證明,電郵至 [email protected] 處理。
If you cannot submit the form successfully, please send your personal information together with a photo of your CityU ID Card and proof of payment to [email protected] for our further processing.

I agree with the above statement